More great feedback from DWP in Cambridgeshire for our pre-employment courses

Did you know we run a range of pre-employment courses in Cambridgeshire?

One of the work coaches within the DWP in Cambridgeshire said "I have just seen Learner 1, who has just completed Level 1 Care Course with you. Just wanted to let you know that she enjoyed it so much and said that everyone did that was on the course. You made her feel really relaxed right from the start, she didn’t feel anxious and she suffers from dyslexia too, so was worried about that. But yes, she thoroughly enjoyed it and can’t wait to complete the Level 2 and start her placement. She said there was another women on the course who was really nervous to start with and just sat huddled in her coat, but by the end of the course she was laughing and joking and participating, so excellent thank you ☺."

If you're looking to get into the Care industry in Cambridgeshire or interested in other roles such as cleaning, kitchen work, administration and maintenance then get in touch

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