1st Care Training Limited has achieved Matrix Accredition

Our assessment visit took place on 23rd January 2019, and we are delighted to say we have achieved the Matrix Accreditation. This ensures that we give out the best possible advice and guidance to our learners and clients.

Strengths from the report:

  • The organisation has clearly defined it’s IAG service in relation to what it is trying to achieve, what IAG is, what learners can expect and how this links to the organisations mission and objectives. This ensures managers, staff and learners all have a good understanding of the IAG service provided. (4.1, 3.1)

  • Learner outcomes are identified at the start of the process in terms of career aspirations, both short and long term, soft skills and barriers to progression, which enables learners to make informed choices. As a result, career pathways are provided to learners which improves motivation and focus. (1.5)

  • The main strength of the organisation is unquestionably the staff and managers, who all take an active role in IAG delivery. Feedback from both employer and learners about the effectiveness of communication, flexibility and availability of staff, their expert knowledge and their friendly yet professional persona was excellent.(2.1)

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