1st Care Training Limited is now an Ofsted rated Grade 2 Good Provider

1st Care Training Limited was inspected by Ofsted on 11th September 2018.

Ofsted Inspection

The purpose of an Ofsted Inspection is to measure the effectiveness of schools, colleges and private training providers by judging them against a clear set of outcomes;

  • Effectiveness of leadership and management

  • Quality of teaching learning and assessment

  • Personal development, behaviour and welfare

  • Outcomes for learners

Here is a summary of our overall strengths:

  • Leaders have worked well to establish a culture of ambition for all learners. As a result, learners make good progress in developing the skills, behaviour and attitudes to help them gain employment and progress in that employment.

  • Teachers provide good individual training to learners as part of bespoke packages, which meet learners’ specific needs and support their workplace and employment ambitions well.

  • Teachers use their detailed industry knowledge and experience well. As a result, learners develop a deep understanding of work-related topics and how to apply what they know in the workplace.

  • Achievement rates are extremely high. All learners planning to complete their qualification in 2017/18 did so, with all but one completing within planned end dates.

  • Learners make good progress in the workplace. Many learners reach management positions or gain additional responsibilities because of their training.

  • Staff know their learners well and use this knowledge to ensure that they are kept safe. Staff monitor in detail the risk assessments for care home and domiciliary care settings to ensure that they are suitable for the learners.

  • Learners know how to keep themselves safe. They have a very good understanding of safeguarding, including the risks posed by extremism and radicalisation, and how these apply to their settings

View the full report here

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