Equality & Diversity Statement

1st Care Training has a wide and diverse population of both candidates and staff. We recognise the link between equality, diversity and quality. In order to consolidate and build upon this diversity, it is essential that equality of opportunity and the absence of unfair discrimination be at the core of all our activities.

We will not unfairly discriminate in the recruitment or general treatment of staff or candidates on the basis of age, colour, disability, ethnicity, ethnic origin, gender, marital status, national origin, race, religion, civil partnership, sexual orientation or belief or any other factor.

1st Care Training is committed to promoting and developing equality of opportunity in all its functions and will seek to do this by:

  • Communicating its commitment to equality and diversity to all members of its community

  • Communicating where responsibility lies for equality issues

  • Providing training for decision-makers and staff, and awareness briefings candidates. Promoting training for our candidates.

  • Developing mechanisms for implementation, monitoring, evaluation and review

  • Taking positive action to redress any gender, racial or other imbalances in the workforce

  • Treating acts of discrimination as a disciplinary offence

  • Dealing with harassment and bullying

  • Engaging candidates and staff in the development and implementation of our Action Plans


1st Care Training has a responsibility for operating within the legal framework for equality and for implementing the policy throughout the company. However, each member and candidate of the organisation is responsible for preventing discrimination which it is within their control to prevent or challenge.